Mapex Black Panther Cyrus Snare Drum 14 x 6 in. Chrome


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The Mapex Black Panther Cyrus snare with Sonic Saver hoops is the drum of choice for a deep, dry sound with the presence of steel. The Cyrus is sharp and cutting at higher tunings, but settles into a mighty crack when loosened up. The proprietary Sonic Saver hoops are a middle ground between triple-flange and die-cast. They’re made from steel that’s folded inward for a round shape instead of a flat flange. Sonic Savers control the tone for a drier sound than triple-flange, but they don’t deaden the drum the way die-cast hoops can. They also reduce wear on the drum and sticks. The result is a focused snare with clean, punchy rim shots every time.


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