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Neotech Saxophone Strap Regular Swivel Hook


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The Neotech Saxophone Strap Regular Swivel Hook in black (1901162) is a high-quality saxophone strap that is designed to provide maximum comfort and support while playing your instrument. The strap features an innovative design that incorporates neoprene with a comfort-stretch backing, which allows the weight to be evenly distributed over a larger area on your neck and shoulders. This helps to absorb the shock of your movements, making your instrument feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. The swivel hook ensures that your saxophone stays securely in place while you play, and the black color gives the strap a sleek and professional look. Whether you're a beginner or a professional saxophonist, the Neotech Saxophone Strap Regular Swivel Hook is the perfect accessory to help you play your best.


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